Tuesday, June 22, 2010

https Google sites blocked in schools

Many of you will know that Google have developed a secure search. Using this means that many local authorities are unable to filter the thumbnail pictures that come up in the search. Consequently they have had to filter Google sites that start with https. This means that many school Google domains have been affected. Hampshire Education authority realised that this would be a problem for many schools. Their solution was to filter it at primary level but leave it open at Secondary level. Giving primary schools the option of weighing up the filtering differences and temporarily switching to secondary filtering if they heavily rely on Google services. Flexible school controlled filtering is just around the corner on the County road map.

Personally I really appreciated the County understanding both the risks of filtering and the need for some schools to use Google domain services. This real understanding of what goes on in schools is part of the dialogue that EdICT ( Hampshire Education ICT) have extended and improved in recent years. Many of their key officers are on Twitter with teachers from the County and are able to gauge the response to issues that teachers have. EdICT also run regular consultation days where teachers are encouraged to comment and prioritise forthcoming projects to improve ICT provision in the County.

Communication is king, long may it continue.

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  1. My recommendation for schools affected: http://primaryschoolict.com


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