Saturday, July 31, 2010

Comparing Google Docs managed and setup by yourself with Live@edu managed by EdICT (Hampshire County Council Education Technology Solutions)

Quite a few people have asked me to compare Google and Microsoft Cloud Offerings.
I have created this to compare hosting a Google Domain on your own with Microsoft Edu hosting supported and setup by the Hampshire County EdICT.
This is not an official document and I am not privy to EdICT, Microsoft or Google internal discussions.

As pdfs
Google V live@edu with EdICT setup and support
Educational Google Setting for my school

As a Google Doc
I am a big believer in schools using whatever tools work and personally feel that it is good that we will end up with schools in Hampshire running either cloud solutions. I think it is great that Google has real competition now as this will act as stimulus for both solutions to improve. 

Generally I would say that Googles solution favours a school where there is someone onsite with moderate web skills if you are going to do the setup yourself. If you have that person and are willing to accept more responsibility for esafety in the cloud then Google is great. 

I hope this helps you compare solutions

Phil Bagge


  1. Hey, Phil - in your doc you talk about £10/month to register a domain. Shome mishtake, surely - we pay $10/year with Google.

    Mark Allen

  2. Hi Mark,

    We pay a lot less than that as well but I wanted to present the upper cost. Even then at the higher end hosting £120 a year is very cheap for a fully working cloud solution.


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