Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Blog Supporters

We have had a class blog for about a term and the children love seeing their work on it. Comments however have been few and far between. I know people look at it as page hits are high but comments were few. I also noticed that parents only commented on their own Childs work.

After hearing about Dr. Sugata Mitra army of grannies who encourage childrens learning I have set up Blog Supporters. I wrote to parents in my class asking for family members to give up between 15 minutes to an hour a week to encourage children on my class blogs. I asked them to leave critical educational comments to me at school and focus on praise. They leave their comment, their name, relationship to a pupil in my class and put blog supporter underneath. I now have eight blog supporters and it is a joy each evening to approve a steady stream of comments.

It is early days yet but I think this idea may be a winner.


  1. Great idea! Janette was looking to set up a blog for her school and this was one of her concerns! Hope it works.

  2. Thanks Chris early days yet but I think with regular feedback about effects of their comments on the children via email and encouraging children to reply to the comments we will be on a winner.

  3. It's such a lovely idea to get silver surfers onboard - can you ask the students at the school to get in touch with their own grandparents?

  4. What a great idea. It's a bit like the supporters idea for the Student Blogging Challenge. I like the idea of encouraging older generations of a student's family to get involved in their blogging.

  5. Some of our blog supporters are grandparents of children in my class. I sent the letter home to parents but encouraged them to pass it on to any other members of the family who were interested. One family signed up both parents and both grandparents. I suspect we could extend to include non family members as all comments go through me as the filter.

    Thanks for your encouraging comments Simon & Pam

  6. I think this is a brilliant idea; am going to try it with mine; the children are great at commenting and one or two parents have, but now luck with other relatives. This is fab as it is what blogging is all about- getting the lines of communication wide open. Thanks for sharing :)


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